Date of publication: November 2, 2017

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Preview of ASN Kidney Week 2017: Iron Deficiency & Anaemia

This week New Orleans will host the ASN Kidney Week Congress. In preparation for this year’s meeting, the COMPACT RENAL team has summarised key sessions and posters relating to iron deficiency and anaemia.

Note that hyperlinks to symposia will take you to the ASN Kidney Week website, where you will have the option to add sessions to your calendar. Links in [] point to abstracts.

Thursday 2 November

At 12:45pm, the first of two HIF-related industry symposia will review the causes of renal anaemia and ESA hyporesponsiveness, discuss the management of difficult-to-treat patients and outline the mechanisms of action of HIF-PHIs. Presenters include Francesco Locatelli, Italy and Tilman B. Drüeke, France.

At 4:30pm, an oral abstract session entitled Clinical Trials in CKD Tubulointerstitium, will include a post-hoc analysis of a Phase III study examining the effects of ferric citrate on FGF23 in patients stratified by baseline levels of phosphate and transferrin saturation [TH-OR038].

Relevant iron deficiency and anaemia posters on Thursday include a prospective comparative study hinting at potential differences between IV irons in terms of risk of oxidative stress and effects on endothelial function [TH-PO498].

Friday 3 November

At 10.30am, the clinical science session Therapeutic Options for Anemia Management in CKD, moderated by Casba Kovesdy, USA and Jay Wish, USA, will focus on future and present renal anaemia therapies:

  • Wendy St. Peter, USA will present a session entitled Trends and Predictions In Anemia Management
  • This will be followed by Optimizing Iron and ESAs, presented by Abhijit Kshirsagar,USA
  • Steven Fishbane, USA will present Biosimilar ESA in CKD
  • The final presentation, from Bruce Spinowitz, USA, will be on HIF Stabilizers

At 12:45pm, in the second HIF-related industry symposium, there will be a review of the role of hypoxia in erythropoiesis and the benefits & risks of current treatment approaches in renal anaemia, followed by an overview of late-stage clinical data on HIF-PHIs. Presenters include Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden and Iain Macdougall, UK.

Posters of interest on Friday include:

  • A late-breaking poster with data from the HIF-PHI molidustat’s Phase II extension DIALOGUE studies [FR-PO1070]
  • A review of the safety of IV iron therapy in patients with non-dialysis CKD [FR-PO522]

Saturday 4 November

At 12:45pm, an industry symposium will summarise the current approaches for the diagnosis of iron deficiency in CKD, the clinical consequences of iron deficiency, and the advantages and disadvantages of oral and IV iron-based therapies in CKD. Presenters include Tomas Ganz, USA and Jay B. Wish, USA.

On Saturday, a poster session will focus on Dialysis: Anemia and Iron Metabolism. The main posters on Saturday will include:

  • New clinical data on HIF-PH inhibitors roxadustat and daprodustat [SA-PO827, SA-PO811]
  • Two posters on the use of ferric pyrophosphate citrate beyond standard dialysate administration [SA-PO813, SA-PO654]
  • Posters with ferric citrate will feature data from the ASTRIO Study [SA-PO818], a study on ferric citrate’s effects on oxidative stress in haemodialysis patients [SA-PO810], US real-world data in the dialysis setting [SA-PO825] and a case study report [SA-PO969]
  • A poster with data from the MICE study with IV ferric-sucrose hydroxide [SA-PO806]
  • Clinical data on the impact of dose of ESA and iron on the risk of adverse events in haemodialysis patients [SA-PO796]
  • Several posters focusing on the use of ESAs or their biosimilars in renal anaemia [SA-PO797, SA-PO819]
  • Data from a Phase II study comparing a novel long-acting recombinant erythropoietin (GX-E2) & methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin β (CERA) [SA-PO802]

Sunday 5 November

There are no iron deficiency or anaemia sessions scheduled for Sunday.

We wish you all a safe trip to New Orleans and we look forward to reporting back on the key presentations from the congress.

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