Date of publication: May 20, 2015

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ERA-EDTA 2015 Symposium: How to Treat in CKD – Choosing the Right Treatment for the Right Patient

Iron deficiency (ID) is prevalent in both patients with non-dialysis chronic kidney disease (ND-CKD) and haemodialysis chronic kidney disease (HD-CKD);(1,2) however, treatment options differ between the two patient groups. Either oral or intravenous (IV) iron agents can be used to treat ID in patients with ND-CKD,(3) whereas ID in patients with HD-CKD can be treated effectively only with IV iron products.(4)

View and listen to Professor Iain C Macdougall (Professor of Clinical Nephrology at Renal Unit, King’s College Hospital, London, UK) at the ERA-EDTA 2015 Congress, where he focuses on the treatment choices for patients with ND-CKD, and explores some of the advantages and limitations associated with oral and IV iron therapy. Professor Macdougall also describes the findings of the FIND-CKD study (Ferinject assessment in patients with Iron deficiency anaemia and Non-Dialysis-dependent Chronic Kidney Disease), the largest, longest duration, randomised study comparing IV versus oral iron in patients with ND-CKD and iron deficiency-anaemia.


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